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OPSIS 2015

OPSIS 2015 - Kampung Felda Air Tawar 4, Kota Tinggi, Johor.

#OPSIS2015 (Operasi Khidmat Siswa) is an annual big programme organized by High Committee Member of Sixteenth College together with Sixteenth College Administrator. It is basically a welfare programme which  exciting activities such as foster family programme, volunteerism and welfare service towards the village community. 


We were scheduled to leave UPM at around 11 pm, so we waited for the buses at the cafe around that time but maybe there were some problems with the transportation, we actually left UPM around 12pm? yes somewhere around there. There were 66 of us ( 55 girls and only 11 guys) - that means we took two buses.

Day 1 - 15/01/2015

We arrived at Kampung Felda Air Tawar 4 sometime after 6 a.m.. The first thing we did was unload everything from the buses into the hall (Dewan Perdana Putra) the hall was basically the place where we keep the things needed for the activities that was going to be held there. It was fast and convenient since the buses stopped right in front of the hall. So after all the unloading, we were briefed by Mejar(tak ingat nama) and right after the briefing ended, we hurried to the mosque to perform our subuh prayer. Immediately after, we were invited to join the march for Maulidur Rasul together with the villagers. Although everyone was still tired, we tried to look as energetic as we can. When everyone reached the mosque, there were some nasyid performances, Quran recitation and a sermon in accordance to the Maulid celebration.

As soon as that ended, we all (UPM students and villagers) ate together. One tray for four people but the serving could actually feed up to six. After dining, we were handed to our respective foster families. We were mostly divided in groups of four per family but there were also the ones that were divided in twos and we were taken back to our foster families houses.

Around 3pm, we gathered back at Dewan Perdana Putra for gotong royong. There were a few groups which were - at the hall itself (mural painting and cleaning the area), the mosque and to the school to prepare for school attack. so that went on until 6pm and once finished, everyone went back to their respective homes.

That night, we were gathered at the mosque for congregation prayers and had a little supper later with the village head and everyone went back to their foster parents house right after.

Day 2 - 16/01/2015

Our second day started as early as 7 a.m. where everyone was expected to gather at Sekolah Kebangsaan Felda Air Tawar 4 for 'school attack' program. The program basically is about us spending time with the school kids and share more knowledge with them or encourage them to study better for their future. The students involved consisted of students from standard 4, 5 and 6. The activities however were divided as follows: - Explorace for standard 4 and 5, and motivational talk and activities for standard 6.

Some of us were on duty for explorace, some for motivational activities and the others were on duty to reorganize the school's library, paint murals and plant trees around the school area.

The program ended before friday prayer so that the men can perform friday prayer at the masjid in time.

After friday prayer, we had organized some competitions for the school kids at the village's mosque. Some of us were still on duty at the school for painting murals and reorganizing the library. All of the activities on that day ended around 6pm and we went to our respective houses to prepare for congregational prayer at the mosque.

After that, we got to spend time with our foster families as that night's activity was free and easy.

Day 3 - 17/01/2015

Day three started almost as early as day two. We all gathered at the hall (Dewan Perdana Putra) for the 'Jom Sihat' program. Registration was at 7 am and followed by aerobics exercise at 8 am. The exercise was conducted by the villagers themselves, we only participated and went along with the fun. The program was a run for charity program where the donations collected were given to the autistic society there. By 1pm everything was done including the prize giving ceremony to the first few who finished the race earlier than the others.

While waiting for the prize giving ceremony, there were some health talks, health exhibitions and health check booths for us students and the villagers to participate in or to just check out.

Around 2 pm, we were taken to some of the historical places nearby. There were lots of interesting beautiful places we were taken to and one of it was a museum. The museum basically shows and tells us about the history of Kampung Johor Lama. Since the area is beautiful, many of us didn't miss the chance to snap some photos for later memories.

We were back at home by 6 pm and later that night, the villagers organized a 'kuda kepang' show for everyone. People were welcomed to watch as it was an open space although, not everyone went. Probably because most of us were tired from the day activities

Day 4 - 18/01/2015

Our fourth day was not as hectic. It started at 8 am, where we had 'Program 10,000 Langkah' and a dengue talk. After the talk, we were asked to clean the clinic and practiced the crucial ways in order to prevent dengue. Then, we got to visit a palm oil farm and factory. They showed us how to take down the fruit and explained how they chose the good ones to process. We were then taken to the palm oil factory and the workers there further explained about the palm oil industry so we could understand how and what goes on in that field of work.

We arrived back at the village around 12 o'clock and had some rest until 2 pm.

Later on at 2.30 pm in the evening, we had 'gotong-royong fasa 2' where we complete and finish what was left undone in the first phase. Basically it was our final touch-ups to make things look perfect around the village.

We also painted a UPM, OPSIS 2015 and our very own college's logo on the front wall of Dewan Perdana Putra. That mural represents a mark of us being there with the villagers creating beautiful memories together.

As usual, we finished at 6 pm and went back to our houses. This time, to prepare ourselves for that night. On that night, we had 'Malam Kebudayaan dan Kesenian' where we organize almost like a farewell gift in the form of performances such as a short drama and a traditional dance performance. The villagers also performed that night because they too wanted to give us something to remember. They presented nasyid, kuda kepang show and some karaoke just for fun.

Day 5 - 19/01/2015

Our last day ended fast as we were scheduled to leave after Zohor prayer. In the morning, we got to spend time with our foster families, have breakfast and maybe a few tear-drop moments. Around 10 am, we had our final meeting (post moterm) for about one hour and we went back to spend a little bit more time with our families before leaving.

We left right after Zohor. As you can guess, the final moments before getting in the bus was the saddest. Many were seen crying, sad that it was finally time to say goodbye. Although we only had 5 short days with them, with our foster families, it was more than enough to create an unbreakable bond between both students-students and students-villagers.

In short, those 5 days were definitely one of the best five days in our lives. We will always look back at them and find happiness in them.And we have the villagers of Kampung Felda Air Tawar 4 to thank for that.

~The End~
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